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We proudly introduce our latest innovation, the automated retail store. Set redefine the retail sector and change the way we shop.

Shoalter Automation Limited announced on 4 August 2021 the filing of its first Hong Kong standard patent application in respect of its Automated Retail Store and System invention (“Invention”), the very first of its kind in the world.

Our Mission

By utilising industry-leading robotics, self-designed machineries, and intelligent software, we aim to create a seamless shopping experience

Derived from the Group’s extensive experience and knowhow in operating HKTVmall’s fulfilment flow. The below innovative core features will make the Invention to bring a whole new experience in global retailing:


Core Functions

Entirely automated selling and fulfilment flow

Including order taking, stock out and stock replenishment process.

Optimal store floor space utilisation

Enabling many more items to be stored as compared with a traditional retail store.

Multi-temperature product Capability

Capability for fulfilment of multi-temperature products in various sizes, shapes & weight.

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