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Who is Shoalter?


Who is

Shoalter Automation (UK) Limited is a 100% subsidiary company of Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited (HKTV Group), a Hong Kong listed company (SEHK: 1137) and the BIGGEST e-commerce platform locally. Almost 2,000 employees are currently working in the group that have a market cap of $78.2 Million USD now!

Shoalter Automation (UK) Limited aim to create an unmanned store (aka automated retail store) in Europe, which is the first of its kind in the world.


The origin of the name Shoalter is a combination of the word "Shoal", meaning a group of small fishes united to fight against giants and external enemies, and the word "alter" carries the meaning of changing the nature of matters. Shoalter, therefore, means the unity of different retailers to change and to search for new direction for the retail industry.

Let’s Work Together

320 Broadway 

Salford, M50 2UE

Tel: 0161 388 9818

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